Establishment of Intelligence - Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA/OBA BiH)

On 22 March 2004 based on the Article IV.4.a of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Parliament Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the session of House of Representative and House of People, adopted Law on Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This law came into force eighth days after being published in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina, number 12 from 14 April 2004, and the Agency started with its work on 01 June 2004.

Hence, in line with the Law the Intelligence and Security Agency was established, responsible for collecting, analyzing and distributing intelligence with the aim of protection of security, including sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is important to emphasize that the Agency carries out its duties in accordance to regulations of Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including regulations of European Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Main Freedoms and its Protocols, international contracts and agreements that Bosnia and Herzegovina signed or acceded to.

According to the Law, the Agency is civilian intelligence and security institution that has status of independent administrative organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Agency has a status of legal entity.

Agency has combined civilian intelligence and security institutions which were acting formerly in the Entities of BiH - Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska. Law forbids all other civilian intelligence and security structures to be established or to act accordingly in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funding for the Agency in the whole is provided from the state budget, in accordance with the Law on Treasury of institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agency’s headquarters is in Sarajevo, Mehmeda Spahe 7 Street.


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